Quality Assurance

Master of Consistency and Quality

The passion of our engineers come together with the spirit of technical innovation. The advantage of experience developed over decades in working with concrete, guarantee Quality of Tiles. Hence, we proudly presents Tiles made with finest materials in the world.

Light Usage: Sidewalks / Walkways, Garden Path, Patios, Verandahs, Swimming Pool Decks, Terraces, Roof-Tops, Pavements / footpaths, jogging track, bicycle Path.

Medium Usage: Hotels-Driveway, Restaurants (Sit-in Areas), Farm House Driveway, Shopping Mall / Plazas Amusement Parks, Holiday Resorts Exhibition Grounds, Parking Lots, Embankments / Canal – Lining, Railway Stations.

Heavy Usage: Inland Container Depots, Industrial Floors, Loading Docks / Ramps Port / Maritime Terminals, Petrol Pump / Service Station, factory compound, Ware Houses, Bus Terminals, Street Scrapes.

Used UV stabilized imported colour pigments. Hence, colour stability is much more than any other tiles.

Dramatical property of the Heavy Duty Pavers
The aesthetic designs are possible due to use of moulds for every design, which is not possible in natural tile or ceramic tiles.